In Memoriam


Since 1901, 24 Federal Correctional Workers have been killed by inmates while in the line of duty.



Name Staff Position Location Date
Joseph B. Waldrupe Correctional Officer USP Leavenworth November 10, 1901
Andrew F. Turner Correctional Officer USP Leavenworth March 26, 1916
Edgar A. Barr Correctional Officer USP Leavenworth March 19, 1917
James R. Brock Deputy Warden USP Atlanta December 27, 1917
Andrew H. Leonard Captain USP Leavenworth November 14, 1922
R.G. Warnke Laundry Foreman USP Leavenworth June 20, 1929
Royal C. Cline Correctional Officer USP Alcatraz May 23, 1938
Harold P. Stites Senior Officer USP Alcatraz May 2, 1946
William A. Miller Correctional Officer USP Alcatraz May 3, 1946
William W. Latimer Correctional Officer Nat'l Training School October 15, 1960
Vern M. Jarvis Senior Officer USP Marion January 26, 1969
Wayne L. Selle Senior Officer USP Leavenworth July 31, 1973
John W. Johnson Correctional Officer USP Leavenworth September 29, 1974
Donald F. Reis Senior Officer Specialist FCI El Reno February 28, 1975
Janice R. Hylen Contract Dietician USP Atlanta November 21, 1979
Gregory J. Gunter Maintenance Mechanic General Foreman FCI Petersburg December 25, 1982
Gary L. Rowe Senior Officer MCC San Diego February 7, 1983
Merle E. Clutts Senior Officer Specialist USP Marion October 22, 1983
Robert L. Hoffman Senior Officer Specialist USP Marion October 22, 1983
Boyd H. Spikerman Correctional Officer FCI Oxford January 29, 1984
Robert F. Miller Senior Officer USP Lewisburg October 12, 1987
D'Antonio Washington Correctional Officer USP Atlanta December 22, 1994
Scott J. Williams Senior Officer Specialist USP Lompoc April 3, 1997

Jose Rivera

Eric J. Williams

Osvaldo Albarati

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Correctional Officer


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USP Canaan

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