CPL Military Liaison Ray Coleman

Ray Coleman, Jr. 

Ray Coleman is a local president at FCI Aliceville (L573). Ray was born to Army parents in Landstuhl, Germany; he has been a part of a diverse military culture all his life. After graduating high school he enlisted in the Army and served as a Combat Medic in Iraq, during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Since sustaining combat related injuries himself, he has taken advantage of numerous VA benefits, including a 60% disability rating, as well as, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Memphis and is currently finishing his Masters, all of which was funded by the VA. He has taken advantage of the Veterans Preference Point System to attain his current position of Teacher in the Bureau of Prisons.

He has committed himself to reaching out and helping other veterans among our ranks to reach their full potential in the BOP utilizing their entitlements as a veteran. He is committed to working with Co-Liaison Ed Canales to serve all of our veterans.




Ray Coleman, Jr.

CPL Military Liaison


Cell: 601-408-8240

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