National Secretary-Treasurer

Jeff Godwin

Acting National Secretary-Treasurer

Jeff was raised Union, beginning with early memories of observing his dad as a steward with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Jeff continued in his father’s footsteps when he joined the Police Benevolent Association while employed with the State of Florida.  It was here that he experienced his first union success during a harassment case that resulted in the removal of a supervisor.  In January 1994, Jeff began his Federal career at FCI Tallahassee where he was a member in good standing.  He transferred to FCI Marianna the following year.  Jeff became a Union Steward for Local 4036 soon after, and successfully negotiated bidding rights for Unit Team.  Jeff excelled as a steward and as a Local Legislative Coordinator for the local and in 2007 was appointed as the Vice-President of Local 4036.  Since that appointment he has served the last eight years as Vice-President or President of the local.

Jeff graduated from Florida State University with degrees in Criminology and Communications.  Additionally, he has participated in countless trainings provided by the agency as well as the Union.  He has extensive experience in negotiations, arbitrations, Joint Policy Committee, EEO, and as served on the yearly audit committee as well as prior acting as the NST.  In addition, he brings the strength and experience of being a successful small business owner during the ‘dot-com’ era. 










Jeff Godwin

National Secretary- Treasurer

409 Cleveland Ave
Forrest City, AR 72336
Cell: 850-557-3645

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