Policy Negotiations

The National Policy Negotiations session for Psychology Services Manual met the week of June 16-18, 2015.

Psychology Services Manual

Proposal #1- Definition of term

The Union wanted to include the definition of the Internship Coordinator.  Management agreed to include a job description of the Internship Coordinator’s responsibilities.  The Union agreed and signed off on Proposal #1.

Proposal #2 – Institutional Supplement

Management stated that the current language covered everything. However, the Union stated that different institutions operate differently and there may be a need to have an institutional supplement based on the need/circumstance of a particular institution.  SEVP Swanson, Local President Andreacola, and Second VP Dr. Saunders gave justification for a supplement.  The Union wants the Agency to recognize that all institutions do not operate the same, Dr. Saunders asked Management to give specific reason for not agreeing with the need to have an institutional supplement.  No details reasons were given. 

Management and the Union agreed to table Proposal #2.

Proposal #3 – Policy Waiver

Management and the Union agreed to table Proposal #3.

Proposal #4 – “Promptly” and “Time Frame”

Management agreed to a time frame based on the circumstances.  SEVP Swanson asked Management to detail in writing a specific time frame. Management submitted a proposal and the Union unanimously agreed to Managements Proposal.